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Food In Refrigerators In Hospitals:

Hospital Meals 


Over 2000 meals are being cooked weekly at our state of the art kitchen, and delivered to all NYC hospitals. This is to ensure that patients receive fresh nourishing meals daily that assists in their recovery and well-being.

These meals are an anchor of empathy for patients and their families, allowing them to warm their hearts with delicious kosher home cooked food. Full course meals are provided daily and for Shabbos and Yom tov, so that patients and their loved ones get a taste of home, when being required to be away from home.

Due to COVID, please check food availability with Bikur Cholim. Call: 718-387-7749

Beth Israel

Linsky Building, Ground Floor, In Shull

Joint Diseases

Room #1307


C-172, Mezzanine

NY Cornell

G-Building 2 North, Room #107

Brooklyn Hospital

North Pavilion, 3rd Floor Room #302

Lenox Hill

4th Floor Chesed Room #452, Left Side To Visitors Lounge

Montefiore Hospital

111 E. 210th Street, 1st Floor

Rosenthal Building, South Pavilion

NY Hospital Of Queens (Booth Memorial)

Bikur Cholim Room Back Of The Cafeteria

Columbia Presbyterian

Tower Baby Hospital, 6th Floor #663

Long Island Jewish

Schneiders-Cohen Main Building, next to cafeteria

Mt. Sinai

Guggenheim Pavilion, 2nd Floor Next To Shull


Tisch Building Main Floor, Right Side After Elevators - Next To N. Elevator

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