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Our Services

Hospital Meals 


Over 2000 meals are being cooked weekly at our state of the art kitchen, and delivered to all NYC hospitals. This is to ensure that patients receive fresh nourishing meals daily that assists in their recovery and well-being.

These meals are an anchor of empathy for patients and their families, allowing them to warm their hearts with delicious kosher home cooked food. Full course meals are provided daily and for Shabbos and Yom tov, so that patients and their loved ones get a taste of home, when being required to be away from home.

Transportation Services


We provide transportation services between Brooklyn and all NYC hospitals on a daily basis. This is to ensure that patients who could not otherwise find means of travel have the ability to utilize the service.


This is also free of charge thus enabling all who cannot afford to take private car services, to travel in comfort without the costly fares.

Monetary Assistance


Financial assistance is provided to help indigent patients receive quality medical care. This is to ensure that those who cannot afford to see a specialist due to no insurance or poor coverage are not denied the best possible treatment.

In addition Bikur Cholim will help families pay for medical insurance during crisis.

Also Bikur Cholim helps to pay for new mothers to convalescent, so that they can recover and are able to care for their families with renewed strength.

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